Dog Food Know How

After I've chowed down my morning dog food, and I'm romping with my buddies at the dog park (one of my favorite outings!) I am often asked...

"How do you keep your coat so shiny and healthy looking?" And... "Why do you have so much energy?"

I tell those wanna-be top dogs it's not rocket science, my owner just feeds me the best doggy food for my doggy-body type. It's not any different from feeding human babies the right formula, why can't they get it?

Top Dog Food is what keeps Jasper in tip-top doggy condition.

Us dogs need the right nutrition to live longer, healthier lives. In fact, it's very important to begin with the right food from the start, the best puppy food.

The right food, whether it be canned or dry, homemade or a raw dog food diet, needn't be fancy or expensive.

If you look up and down any pet food aisle in most any market or pet store, you may feel overwhelmed with so many choices. Food for big dogs and small dogs and dogs that have allergies to corn or wheat or...

So, how do you know what to feed us?

I know it's not easy to select just the right brand that will keep our coats healthy, and stop that terrible itching.

There is nothing more pathetic than to see a dog buddy of mine in a fit of uncontrollable scratching.

Here, on this website, you will find real answers to all your feeding the dog questions... from dry dog food options to making your own homemade dog food. Yummy!

Let's keep it simple, and find out together which food is better for which puppy or dog. Some of us canines prefer canned dog food and others like to nibble on kibble all day long. And all of us just love to have a special dog treat now and then!

A Top Dog is a happy dog. We are happy to love you for just who you are, and even happier when you love us back enough to be concerned about what you place in our bowls.

One option is to enjoy specially prepared meals, I'm talking homemade now. In fact, you may be interested in the homemade dog food recipes that some of my doggie friends have shared with me. And some favorite recipes for and homemade dog treats, too.

Of course, that's not for every doggie... Most of us won't complain about what you choose to feed us, but when you get it right... Ahhh! That's doggie heaven!

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