Top Dog's Top Pick = Merrick Brand Canned Dog Food

And here's why...

This Jack-a-Poo loves his Iams canned dog food

The best canned dog food by far is one that has all natural ingredient - 100% USA ingredients - and has lots of protein.

Are you feeding your dog properly? As you know, most dogs just gobble up whatever you place in their bowl. Other doggies like me, Jasper, are slightly pickier. And Merrick canned dog food fits both my finicky taste buds and my nutritional needs.

Seriously, we can taste the difference when you feed us bargain basement canned dog food, which most likely would be overloaded with salt and artificial chemicals.

Is The Canned Dog Food You Buy Worthy Of Your Dog?

It's true that dog food that is canned is more nutritious than dry dog food, since the art of canning our dog food eliminates the need to add excess preservatives... but premium canned food can be costly. However, if you keep your dogs healthy by feeding them the best canned dog food available you might just save on vet bills and we can have longer, healthier lives as a result.

Did you know that cheaper dog food can lead to doggie obesity? That's because lesser quality food is full of fillers that just fill us out - without nutritional benefits. Kinda like feeding us nothing but junk food - day after day.

How To Tell A Top Rated Dog Food

A quick look at the ingredients listed on the dog food label can reveal a lot of how your dog will take to the canned brand. You'll want to look for a higher protein content than a similar canned food.

That's OK if you haven't' paid attention to the dog food labels before now, and it's never too late to start.

Merrick has a higher quality protein than found in most other canned foods. And they use the freshest of fresh ingredients. No fillers - ever. That's why I dine on Merrick's canned dog food when I'm not nibbling on kibble.

Is A Grain Free Canned Dog Food Right For Your Dog?

You are probably hearing a lot about grain free dog food, and that's probably because it's been found that many of the popular brands are using inferior grains in their wet dog food products. While the dog food manufacturer can save money by using grains that contain mold and other nasty surprises, those poor ingredients can make us doggies ill (read more about the corn and grains found in most dog foods here).

So, if you are looking for a good grain free dog food, the best choice is Merrick Wild Buffalo Grill Dog Food (makes your mouth water, right?)

Not all of us require a grain free diet, rice for example is good for our coats. It's the corn and corn fillers (cornmeal, corn starch, etc) that have a terrible reaction on our doggie systems. Dog owners love the fact that this wet dog food is over 95% real honest to goodness meat.

Merrick Canned Dog Food Is On Sale Here, Through Amazon...

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