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Best Dog Food For Your Puppy Dog

Exposing Dog Food Myths

Here's what your dog wants you to know about choosing the best dog food. Starting today, you can feed your dog top rated dog food starting right now.

To begin with, there is not just one best dog food (so get that silly notion out of your head). Because each of us doggies are unique individuals with our own special needs and nutritional requirements, dog foods come in a variety of types. But don't worry, I'll make this easy for you (that's what I'm here for!).

Recommended Dog Food Brands

Both Blue Buffalo and Merrick brands of dog food come in canned and dry formulas, and you can find a formula that is perfect for your type (size and breed) of dog. Continue reading if you'd like to know how we arrived at recommending these best dog food brands.

What Type Of Dog Are You Feeding?

Please don't stereotype us just because we have fur.

Large breed dogs require less protein during their puppyhood than toy breeds. Some breeds like Boxers can have sensitive stomachs, so a dog food with limited ingredients can be kinder. Estimating about our adult bodies will narrow your choices immensely.

How Much Are You Willing To Fuss Over Our Dog Food?

(Choosing the TYPE of Dog Food To Serve)

  • Dry dog food
  • Canned (wet) dog food
  • Raw dog food (raw dog diet)
  • Homemade dog food

The simple solution is to feed your dog a dry dog food that can be left in the bowl while you are away. Next comes canned dog food, which is simple to serve, although can spoil if left in the dog dish too long. A raw dog food diet is easy to prepare, but as with canned food, raw food can spoil quickly so you need to be around for every meal you serve raw. Then there is my favorite type of dog food, that's homemade dog food.

Most dog owners are pretty busy, but if you have the time to feed us a homemade dog food dinner every now and then we will love you forever!

The Best Dog Food For Your Dog

So now the choices have narrowed significantly and you are ready to choose either a commercially made (dry, canned or even raw) dog food that fits both your time and our doggie type. Or elect to make our dog food using the simple homemade dog food recipes found here.




All Natural, Holistic or Grain Free dog Food?

An all natural dog food can include chemical additives, but those additives must be derived from "natural" sources. So, that is really open to interpretation. What I consider all natural (like just picked from the tree) and manufacturers considers all natural are vastly different ideas.

And to set the record straight, the term "holistic" is associated with treatment (was the food treated with love and respect?), not a type of food. After all, you have never picked a holistic strawberry, have you?

Now organic is for real! The commercial dog food manufacturers that strive to produce an organic dog food for us pups are required to abide by the same "guidelines" that regulate your own organic human food. But you have to wonder about all those chemicals that are pumped into those organic dog foods so that it meets the guidelines for a complete and balanced diet. Chemicals are chemicals no matter which way you slice them.

It's important to read the dog food bag or can label - and absolutely stay away from "ethoxyquin" (Ethoxyquin is a preservative found in many dry foods that claim to be one of the best dog foods - but this additive can be deadly over time!).

Grain free dog food is a top choice for any dog, no matter the breed or size. Choosing a grain free food (canned or dry dog food) can limit the "bad" ingredients that permeate many of the commercial dog foods. Overall it's the corn and all the corn-related ingredients that make us doggies sick, and can build up in our systems to the point where we have dog food allergies. Wheat and soy are also to be avoided, since the sourcing of these grains cannot be guaranteed to be healthy for doggie consumption.

Things Your Dog Won't Tell You About Their Dog Food

Looking good - Eating healthy dog food! The best life offers :-)

You probably already know that we will eat most anything you serve us - but that doesn't mean we know what's healthy - or not.

No, it's typically not until we have dog food allergies or symptoms of a sensitive stomach that either of us pay attention, right? So let's not let it get that far, since every meal you serve us contributes to our longevity and overall well being.

Lessons From The Dog Park

If it takes away from the time you spend playing with us and taking us for rides to new parks and places, by all means don't feel obligated to feed us a homemade dog food diet on a regular basis. Once in a while would be nice, though :-)

Balance your budget with your time, and look for ways to treat us as kindly as you would yourselves. Splurge on the best quality dog food you can afford. Top Dog food needn't be expensive, just simply wholesome (OK, yummy helps, too). One of the keys to uncovering the best dog food is to take the time to read the dog food ingredients on any label of commercial dog food you intend to feed us.

Healthiest Dog Food Brands

Bottom line is that you can hardly go wrong with a premium dog food, like one of these top rated choices:

However these is no substitute for a homemade dog food that has been prepared with our well being in mind. I might suggest that you begin with one of the simple recipes found in my Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes (instant download) ebook below.

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There is nothing better than homemade dog food. Serve up some puppy dog stew and and watch us bounce with joy.

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