The best Dog gift ideas are right here - unique and worth of all Top Dogs.

Must Have Supplies

Every Top Dog Should Be Gifted With These Necessities Of Doggiehood

Absolutely the best dog gift you should consider would be both a necessary and 100% unique, like these ideas suitable for any Top Dog or Puppy. While some of our top picks may seem whimsical, if you look at them from a dog's eye view these dog gifts will save you time and frustration, too.

Peek a Boo - Can You See Me Too?

Isn't this just the coolest?

My neighbors have installed one of these in their fence that lines a sidewalk, and they swear their dog Cassie barks less frequently, since she can see what's happening on the sidewalk. And it certainly keeps boredom away!

What I like about this is that you can place it at dog's eye view, and it's easily y installed on most solid fencing. The dimensions are:

  • 9.5 " inner circles and
  • 12.5" outer circle

It's inexpensive, a great conversation starter and (best of all!) made in the USA.

Curious? You can order one for your doggie here... PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Blissfully Cool... All Year 'Round

Freezable doggie dish - with base!

This ingenious invention keeps a bowlful of water cool for up to 8 hours with a non-toxic gel core. Just place the bowl in your freezer, and in just 2 hours it's ready to keep Fido fresh and cool.

What we like about this is...

  • Keeps dog hydrated even on the hottest days.
  • Tip-resistant base keeps it firmly upright no matter how over-zealous your pup gets!
  • Easy to keep clean, and bacteria resistant.

Read more about the FroBowl for Pets here.

Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

I so wished we'd had this when Jasper was a pup!

During a car trip it was necessary to hit the brakes hard when another car swerved into our lane. Poor Jasper... he was thrown off the seat and cut his nose during the semi-emergency. My gut still aches when I remember how helpless he was!

(Read more about why we chose the dog car seat we did here)

He has a noticeable pink scar on his snout to this day - and it's a reminder how we can take for granted our dog's safety.

But you have the choice to keep your doggie safe and secure, with hardly any fuss.

Don't wait another day to order your...

Kurgo Leash and Zipline Dog Vehicle Restraint

Serve Yourself and Save!

Most every dog that has been gifted with their own personal water fountain takes to it really easy.

The best thing about this is that your dogs won't run out of water if you are running late. Plus, the water is always spring fresh. No dirty bowls to clean, either.

HINT: Place a dog biscuit on the pad for training - it won't take long!

Get yours here...

Dog Pet Water Fountain API Doggie Fountain

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