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Best Dry Dog Food FAQ

(What your dog wants you to know)

What Separates Junk Dry Dog Food From The Best

Sparkles know all about the best dry dog food, it's crunchy, yummy and keeps her in Top Dog shape!

The best dry dog food is separated from ordinary dry dog food by the ingredients. But that is no surprise. However I see people select dry dog food based on the package. What's up with that? Don't they know we can't eat the package (we're not goats).

Sniffing out the best dry dog food is puppy play. Sparkles is fussy about the food she eats An average dry dog food contains fillers and yucky stuff. What we prefer is the better quality dog foods - ones that have real meat and little (if any) corn in the mix.

We look for a quality dog food that is all natural and no pesky additives that can cause itchy skin and excessive chewing. Often it's the ingredients that cause allergies in dogs.

After much research and observing other dogs - it's clearly Blue Buffalo brand dry dog food that we can wholeheartedly recommend.

Yes, it costs a bit more than Old Roy, …and most of the bargain cheap-o dry dog foods, but there is a huge difference.

A low quality dog food can be compared to a person eating nothing but corn chips - breakfast, lunch and dinner. It may be tasty, but your health will surly suffer.

Feeding us the best dry dog food will put more sparkle in our lives. You will notice almost right away how shiny and healthy looking your dog's coat will be... when you make the switch.

Truth Or Fiction? All Dry Dog Food Is The Same

Us dogs can tell you that most dog kibble tastes similar… but then we really don't take the time to savor our dinner most of the time. We are just so excited to have our bowls filled!

Truth - 8 dog food manufacturers make up 85% of all sales. Same food - different bag.

Dry Dog Food Taste Test Winner

As a dog myself, I can tell you that it's not about the taste, although many dog food brands lead you to believe that they run extensive taste tests. Remember we dogs often drink out of toilet bowls and feast on garbage scraps we find - so don't bark to me about me about a 'taste test' theory!

Top Recommended Dry Dog Food

Recommended by more pets and their owners, along with pet professionals (AKA your Vet), the top choice for dry dog food is Blue Buffalo brand - I chop on Blue Buffalo (the chicken flavor) when I'm not eating my specially prepared homemade dog food. It helps to keep my diet in perfect doggie balance.

That's because Blue dry dog foods are so very close to what our doggie ancestors dined on in the wild - before commercial dry dog food appeared in our lives. It's all natural and perfect for all breeds and all ages of both puppies through adult dogs.

Save Now On Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food and Have It Delivered To Your Door

Special savings when you order online... Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Recipe

The Best Dog Food For Your Dog

So now the choices have narrowed significantly and you are ready to choose either a commercially made (dry, canned or even raw) dog food that fits both your time and our doggie type. Or elect to make our dog food using the simple homemade dog food recipes found here.

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There is nothing better than homemade dog food. Serve up some puppy dog stew and and watch us bounce with joy.

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