Oh... How I remember my puppy days! Dining on kibble and romping in the yard, chasing who knows what all the time.

Most of us puppies are full of energy all the time, even while we nap you can see our paws on the move. So it's easy to just buy whatever dry puppy food that appeals to you. However, please take the time to at least glance at the nutritional information on the dry food package since it can clearly tell you whether we will have future health issues - or not.

Don't risk taking shortcuts with your new puppy!

A canned puppy food typically contains more water than nutrition, and doesn't give our teeth much to chomp on. If we are really young, a good solution is dry puppy food mixed with some homemade puppy food - or even some canned puppy food. This can help to make the kibble softer and more palatable for us to digest.

Important Puppy Food Ingredients

The dry puppy food you choose to place in our dish needs to have a minimum of 22% protein. More is better, since we are growing fast.

Next, the source of protein is important! The very first ingredient should not be a "meal" and certainly not "corn". That's corn of any type (corn, corn mean, corn this or that). So many of us have sensitive stomachs, all that grain in puppy food can make us throw up on your new carpet.

Fats are important for our boundless energy. Unlike humans, we really need extra fat in our puppy diets, along with plenty of carbohydrates. Just be sure that the carbs come from natural sources like vegetables and rice.

Large and Giant Breeds of Puppies Need Special Care

Big dog breeds grow at a rapid pace, so these large and giant puppy breeds should be fed a food that contains less calcium, and less fat (which is converted to energy) in order to avoid the risk of developmental orthopedic (bone) diseases later on in their doggie adulthood.

Why You Shouldn't Buy The Cheapest Puppy Food

People copy other people. It's a fact. Just because one brand of puppy food is a "best seller" doesn't mean it's the best tasting or even healthy puppy food. It just may be the cheapest. Not everyone cares as much about their puppies as you do!

There are many reasons for a puppy food to be popular, and typically it isn't because it's good for us. Most often the store gets a good deal on a shipment, or there are abundant coupons so it flies off the shelf -- before anyone reads what's in the bag.

Let's compare a few popular dry puppy food brands

Merrick Dry Puppy Food

FIRST 5 INGREDIENTS: De-boned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, brown rice and peas.

So while this appears to be pretty healthy, I gotta ask... What IS chicken meal? Could it be ground up parts of the birds (like feet and beaks) that are otherwise salvageable?

What I DO like about Merrick's dry puppy food is that it is grain free. Because grains are the number one source of puppy food distress, I need to give Merrick a big thumbs up!

Purina Puppy Chow Dry Puppy Food

FIRST 5 INGREDIENTS: Whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols. No need to go further, simply pass on this.

Although Purina is one of the more popular brand of puppy food, people buy this only because...

  • It's cheaper than premium puppy food brands.
  • Puppy Chow's label indicates it is nutritionally balanced for optimal growth.
  • Purina has big bucks to spend on marketing so it has become a household brand (not the best criteria to base what you will be feeding your new pup on).

Blue Buffalo (blue for puppies)

FIRST 5 INGREDIENTS: De boned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whole Ground Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Whole Ground Barley.

All wholesome puppy loving ingredients here! These are ingredients you would eat.

Personally, I have fed Blue Buffalo to our puppies with great results (results being it was easily digestible, and they loved it).What is also great about choosing Blue Buffalo brand puppy food is...

  • It has never been on the dog food recall list (ever!)
  • You can find a formula that is 100% perfect for your breed of puppy - large breed, small, tiny and toy, too!
  • And Blue Buffalo offers formulas that go beyond simple puppy kibble, so that you can feel good your pup is getting the nutrition he needs to grow into a Top Dog.

Recommended Dry Puppy Dog Food Brands

How To Decide On The Type Of Puppy Food

My own puppy days were full of trial and error -You will want to feed your new little one the best food for puppy.

I was fed didn't have meat as it's first ingredient. I bet it was those darn puppy food packages that promised the best puppy kibble on the planet. How do they really know about the best dry puppy food? I ask you, without following a test group of us pups, from puppyhood to senior hood - And examining the overall health of all the dogs in the test group - The bag of dry puppy food can ready anything from award winning to best tasting... (again I ask, how do they know if it's the taste us pups prefer?)

It's what's inside that bag of what is termed the best dry formula for puppies that ultimately make the ratings of the best or worst dry puppy food you can feed your puppy.

Compare Puppy Food Ingredients

It's a simple task to read the label of any dry puppy food you plan to bring home and put in our bowls. You already know that the best dry puppy food will keep your pup happy, but what about long term?

The road to doggie hood is full of bumps and curves - choosing puppy kibble shouldn't be a major decision. But somehow it is.

What Does Your Puppy Really Need?

Serve up just what your special pup needs, and not a lot of fillers and by-products that will bog down the normal growth cycle of any puppy dog. By "fillers" I mean anything that is not clearly identifiable, such as "meal" or by-products of any kind.

Fact: What you feed your puppy now will ultimately decide your future dog's health as your pup matures.. As an example, I suspect you have seen human babies that have been raised on fast food and candy bars, turning into overweight, uninspired rebellious teens.

Puppies that are fed a constant diet of doggie junk food have the same odds of a lousy future. And your puppy is counting on YOU to prevent it.

Steps You Can Take Now

Buy only the best food you can afford.

Ideally, make your own homemade puppy food - that is the ONLY way to know what your puppy is eating. Homemade kibble is really easy to make, and you can find a simple recipe right inside Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes.


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