Let's Compare Different Types Of Puppy Food

You've picked your new puppy, now it's time to pick the best puppy food. Where do you begin? Most puppies will be happy with most any puppy dog food.

However, selecting the best puppy food your new little one can be a real challenge (that's probably why you are here).

It's important to know what your puppy has been eating, before your pup came to live with you. A sudden change in the puppy's diet can upset his puppy system, and that shouldn't be a big surprise. And this quite often is the cause of doggie diarrhea. What the previous caretaker fed your new pup may not be the best food for puppy.

Simply begin by mixing in his previous food (from his first home) with the new puppy food -- that way you will both be taking it slow.

How Much Food Should You Feed Your Puppy?

These little pups need anywhere from 375 calories a day up to 1700 calories a day - depending upon their breed and age.

This puppy gets only the best puppy food, and will grow into a happy, healthy adult doggie.

Yes, there lots of considerations, but generally your pup will need 2x as many calories per day as he will when he is full grown. When your puppy is about half way to adult size, it's time to begin to cut down on the amount of food - little by little.

After all, you don't want an obese, roly-poly dog. It's important to know that puppies typically grow in spurts, so there may be times you need to up the amount of food for a short time.

You can tell they are going through a growth spurt by their behavior - you may think that they are hungry enough to eat the whole bag of kibble (but don't be tempted, really - he won't starve).

See our feeding guide here.

Recommended Puppy Dog Food Brands

How To Decide On The Type Of Puppy Food

Whether you begin by feeding your puppy the best canned puppy meat or the best puppy dry dog food, the choice is yours. The quality of the food is the more important than the type of food you feed your puppy.

Personally, I started out my Top Dog life on dry puppy kibble, and worked into some home made puppy recipes that I still enjoy today. Check out my favorite of all time puppy recipes here...

Can Puppy Food Be Mixed?

Oh yes! This is especially important if you have a wee little puppy. You can mix some canned puppy food with some milk (try goat's milk!) to make more of a smoothie that will go down easily. This is especially important for small and toy breeds.

Can Wet Puppy Food Be Mixed With Dry Food?

Yes, again! In fact, your growing puppy will get more protein if you include canned dog food with their dry dog food.

Puppies need more protein and calories everyday than a mature dog does. They are far more active, and their growing puppy bodies crave the best nutrition you can afford to buy.

By offering your new best friend a high quality of food right from the start, you may be heading off potential health problems as they grow.

Dry Vs. Canned Dog Food

The best puppy food is one that your pup eagerly eats and provides a perfectly balanced puppy diet. This means more protein than regular dog food, and more calories, too.

Puppy kibble has the advantage of helping keep your puppy's teeth strong and ward off that urge to chew on everything in sight. Although many commercial canned dog foods contain more protein per ounce than dry dog food. And many puppies find the moist foods more appealing. If you choose to feed your puppy dry food, you may want to moisten the dry puppy food with filtered water, and stir it a bit to make a gravy until the pup is about 6 months old.

Often, if your pup is really young, it may be hard for him to make the transition from his mother's nursing to a dry food, so in this circumstance, offering canned puppy food is a better choice.

One more consideration is that you will find better selection and feeding options when you select dry food, and this can be a real benefit to your puppy. Feeding your little one the right type of food for their breed of dog will ensure that you are giving your new pup the best start you can. With dry dog food you can leave the kibble in the dish longer without worry that it may spoil as in the case of feeding canned food.

You Can Avoid These Mistakes

Puppies that grow into overweight, lazy dogs can often be traced back to the food they were fed as puppies. You will want to avoid anything that may be harmful for your puppy, or any dog food that will not provide the proper nutritional balance your puppy needs to grow into a strong, healthy dog.

I know it's hard to imagine your pup as a mature dog, but just like humans, we need to watch the ingredients contained in any food you feed them, so that they grow into healthy dogs with a good lifespan.

When you read the label of any food that you may consider bringing home for your puppy, take note if the first ingredient is a protein, such as beef protein or chicken. If the "source" of the type of protein is too vague, put it back on the shelf and move on.

You are looking for a specific reference as to where the protein came from, not a by-product ( this could mean anything from crushed bones to sweepings off a meat packing facility).

The very first listed ingredient should start off with one of these key proteins:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
Avoid any food that lists meat by products as it's main ingredient. This is like feeding mystery meat to your best friend.

Do not believe any package that states that the food inside is allergy free. Most allergic reactions can be avoided, but it's really not possible to make a 100% allergy-free food for either humans or dogs.

There is always the exception that one puppy will react adversely to an ingredient that another pup is fine with. Before you decide on any puppy food brand, you might want to compare puppy food here.

The best puppy food for your new puppy should be suited to your pup's size and breed. It's easy and natural to want to save money, and you should know that choosing the best puppy food does not mean breaking the bank.

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