Top Dog's Top Picks For Smaller Breeds

Keep your smal dog healthy and happy with the best small dog dry food as recommended here.

In our opinion, the best small dog dry food not only tastes great (trust me on this) but also keeps smaller breed doggies healthy and content. Just like dry dog food for larger breeds, it's the quality of the ingredients PLUS where the ingredients have originated from that make for a great dog food.

Many dog food brands cut corners to save money by using ingredients that may be sub-par or are grown and harvested in countries that do not embrace strict health guidelines. Only two brands of dog food were a real stand out in both quality and palatability.

Feeding A Puppy? Consider One Dry Dog Food For The Lifespan Of Your Dog

Yes, it's a fact that you can start feeding your new puppy a dry food that is formulated for all life stages.

This means that you will be able to continue with the same brand of food as your pup grows. When you feed your dog this way, you won't have to worry about upsetting your pup's tummy as they grow older.

If this is a benefit that you are interested in, then BLUE BUFFALO Dry Food for Small Breed Dogs, Chicken and Rice Recipe is exactly what you are looking for.

Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog Food

Nurto Natural Choice Dog Food is "guaranteed to improve skin & coat". The label reads that it is grain free ( a big Yes!), and we did not find any by-products listed. (So far, so good).

It's high in protein, 24%, and average in the fat department. The ingredient list is longer than California Natural, but not alarmingly so as a contender for the best small dog dry food.

How To Switch Your Dog's Food

Us doggies have sensitive stomachs, so any dog food change needs to be done gradually by mixing in our old food for a few days. Then, go ahead and try out the new dry dog food for small dogs for one month and see for yourself how much better condition your dog's coat is. After all, the first sign of good doggie health is fine fur.

Of course, use common people sense if you see any adverse reactions such as diarrhea or vomiting. Some doggies are just more sensitive to what they eat than the rest of us.

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