The Search Is Over For The Best Small Dog Dry Food


Have you ever watched in amazement as your dog turns his nose up at (what you believe to be) the best small dog dry food… only to watch him feast on a sunbaked lizard he finds in the yard?

It's not your fault, some small dogs just have that attitude. I personally believe it's a ploy to get more table scraps. Sometimes even the best dry dog food can't turn Fifi's head.

It's important to note that even the best small dog food for one small dog may not be the better choice for another small dog. Here is how you can make a better choice.

How To Break Your Small Dog's Fast Food Habit

You most likely already know that too much human food may upset your small dog's digestive system, so it's best if you find a dry dog food that he will fall in love with.

When you offer the best small dog dry food available, his longing for pizza and ice cream will fade away. A natural dog diet that is properly balanced will fulfill your dog's cravings and keep him in top dog shape.

Why do dogs eat flies?

It's only natural, after they've stalked them and then finally snatched 'em

The Results of Top Dog's Dry Dog Food Survey Revealed That…

California Natural Adult Small Bites never adds by-products or artificial ingredients (according to their website) and has the cleanest ingredient list over all other brands of small dog dry food.

Simple, wholesome ingredients makes this your best small dog dry food choice.

You won't find this premium dry dog food at big box stores, but it is readily available from most quality pet and feed stores.

As this picture evidences, feeding your small dog the best small dog dry food will lead to a happy, long lifespan.

Thanks to dry dog food comparison,
Sweet Jessie is as healthy as she was as a puppy.

And a very good second choice would be…

Nurto Natural Choice Dog Food is "guaranteed to improve skin & coat".

The label reads that it is grain free ( a big Yes!), and we did not find any by-products listed. (So far, so good).

It's high in protein, 24%, and average in the fat department.

The ingredient list is longer than California Natural, so this was the runner up for the title best small dog dry food. It's still a great choice for dry dog food, just not our first choice. The advantage here is that you can readily find it at most chain pet stores.

These top best small dry dog food brands were selected as clear winners after several surveys we conducted.

Overall Best Small Dry Dog Food...

Try out the top pick for one month and see for yourself how much better condition your dog's coat is.

After all, the first sign of good doggie health is fine fur.


On An Interesting Note…

66% of Maltese owners chose to feed their dog dry food, and 33% mix both dry and canned dog food.

80% of Chihuahua owners feed their Chihuahua dry dog food, and 20% feed their dogs a combination of both dry and canned dog food.

60% of Terrier owners feed their dogs dry food exclusively, while 40% feed them a combination of both canned and dry dog food.

76% of Poodle owners choose dry dog food over canned dog food.

Overall, 40% of small dog owners feel that offering their small dog a natural or organic food is important.

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