What Top Dog's Dry Dog Food Survey Revealed

California Natural Adult Small Bites claims that they never adds by-products or artificial ingredients (according to their company information) and has the cleanest ingredient list over all other brands of small dog dry food. We know you take feeding your dog seriously, that's why you are here.

Simple, wholesome ingredients is what makes California Natural Adult Small Bites by Nutura our top choice. However, it is difficult to find.Keep your smal dog healthy and happy with the best small dog dry food as recommended here. You won't find this premium dry dog food at big box stores, but you may be able to order this brand from your local quality pet and feed stores.

One Dry Dog Food For The Lifespan Of Your Dog

As we concluded our dry dog food comparison, we found that you can start your small dog on the best dry food for puppies and continue with the same brand as your pup grows. When you feed your dog this way, you won't have to worry about upsetting your pup's tummy as they grow older.

Nutro Natural Choice Dry Dog Food

Nurto Natural Choice Dog Food is "guaranteed to improve skin & coat". The label reads that it is grain free ( a big Yes!), and we did not find any by-products listed. (So far, so good).

It's high in protein, 24%, and average in the fat department. The ingredient list is longer than California Natural, but not alarmingly so as a contender for the best small dog dry food.

Bonus... We found that this dry dog food for smaller breeds is easier to find at local pet stores and the bigger pet food chains, too.

How To Switch Your Dog's Food

Us doggies have sensitive stomachs, so any dog food change needs to be done gradually by mixing in our old food for a few days. Then, go ahead and try out the new dry dog food for small dogs for one month and see for yourself how much better condition your dog's coat is. After all, the first sign of good doggie health is fine fur.

If Price Is Not A Concern - Go Blue!

Blue Buffalo for small breed dogs makes a terrific dry dog food that is 100% grain free, and absolutely yummy. Just ask me, I nibbled on some at my pal Buddy's just last week, and I'm still drooling with the taste.

Although a bit pricier (but so worth it!) Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food is an excellent choice.

Blue Buffalo brand dog food, both canned and dry, has never been recalled. This alone makes it a stand out from any other dog food brand. You will notice right from the packaging that this company cares about your pet nearly as much as you do.

On An Interesting Note…

66% of Maltese owners chose to feed their dog dry food, and 33% mix both dry and canned dog food.

80% of Chihuahua owners feed their Chihuahua dry dog food, and 20% feed their dogs a combination of both dry and canned dog food.

60% of Terrier owners feed their dogs dry food exclusively, while 40% feed them a combination of both canned and dry dog food.

76% of Poodle owners choose dry dog food over canned dog food.

Overall, 40% of small dog owners feel that offering their small dog a natural or organic food is important.

Why Do They Do What They Do?

Have you ever watched in amazement as your dog turns his nose up at (what you believe to be) the best small dog dry food… only to watch him feast on a sunbaked lizard he finds in the yard?

It's not your fault, some small dogs just have that attitude. I personally believe it's a ploy to get more table scraps. Sometimes even the best dry dog food can't turn Fifi's head. It's important to note that even the best small dog food for one small dog may not be the better choice for another small dog.

Bottom Line For Small Dogs Who Like To Dine On Dry Kibble

If you can't find California Natural, you will love Blue Buffalo. And the savings of having it delivered to your doorstep are numerous (no sales tax, more time for walks in the park, etc.). Check out the great pricing here on Amazon Blue Buffalo Dry Food for Small Breed Dogs, Chicken and Rice Recipe, 6-Pound Bag


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