Canned Puppy Food Unleashed

This Golden Retriever puppy is happy and healthy, and he dines on Blue Buffalo canned puppy food.

If you think that the best canned puppy food is one that is tasty by looking at the flavor name (like chicken marvelous, or salmon surprise)... Think again.

My advice is to skip the fancy packaging and get to the core of what's inside the can. By reading the nutritional label on the canned puppy food, you can compare one brand to another -- before it goes in our dish.

The top 3 things to look for when selecting a canned puppy food are...

  • Avoid BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole), BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), or ethoxyquin at all costs. These are unacceptable preservatives.
  • Having fewer ingredients that will upset puppy's tummy, like too much corn. Often grains of any kind can cause allergies. It may not be apparent right away, as allergies build up over time and can cause puppy distress!
  • Be certain that you can identify what the ingredients are on the label (the small print). At least the first 5 ingredients.

Canned puppy dog food is less processed than dry puppy food... because dry food needs to have lots of preservatives and salt (sodium) so that it has a longer shelf life. So while you will find less ingredients that you cannot pronounce in a wet puppy food, it's still vitally important that the ingredients are top quality.

Top 2 Canned Puppy Food Choices

Blue Buffalo Grain Free puppy food

More About Blue Buffalo Puppy Food

The additional benefit of being grain free means that your puppy won't suffer from complications due to poor grains, such as mold corn (which is often the case with other brands of puppy food).

We wouldn't suggest anything less than grain-free for any puppy.

Taste of the Wild for all life stages, including puppies.

More About Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild offers a really good canned food that is for all life stages, including puppies.

The advantage here is that you will not need to change your puppy's food once they reach adult dog hood.

As with Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild is also grain free.

Be Ingredient Savvy

No doubt you have heard all the horror stories surrounding dog food recalls, illnesses and even death these days.

One of the most important considerations in selecting puppy dog food is knowing where the ingredients are sourced from. Many brands boast that the dog or puppy food is made in the USA, but often times the specific ingredients come from China and elsewhere.

In our opinion, both Blue Buffalo and the Taste of the Wild are reputable brands, and to date, have not stooped to adding subpar ingredients into the puppy and dog food that they make.

Important Takeaways

You can certainly find other puppy dog food reviews, but the important thing to remember is that you want to be assured that none of your puppy's food is sourced from China. That includes added nutrients as well as the protein source.

A less expensive food will no doubt not be100% USA products and manufacturing. It's only business to these pet food manufacturers, and you can count on them to cut corners anywhere they can - at your puppy's health expense.

The good news is that when you feed your puppy quality food - whether that be canned or dry puppy food - right from the start they will love longer, be happier and you will spend less time (and money!) at the veterinary office.

Steps You Can Take Now

Variety is the spice of a puppy dog's life, and you can change up our puppy diet with some homemade puppy food - find simple, original recipes here...

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