The ABCs On How To Compare Puppy Food

I know that it's easy to get lost down the aisles of most any pet store, trying to compare puppy food on your own. That's what I'm here for — to help you make an informed decision so that both you and your puppy:

Before comparing puppy food brands, consider comparing types of puppy food.
  • Get the nutrition he needs.
  • Doesn't have an adverse reaction to the puppy food brand and mess up your carpet.
  • You won't spend more money on dog food than any human should.
It's not all really about the price of the dog food, you can spend less while giving us more nutrition.

Large breed dogs have special formulas that help them grow into strong, healthy adult doggies. Because their puppy dog bodies grow at a faster rate than a toy breed, to avoid major health problems later on in your dog's life, it's important to purchase a puppy food that is specific to your puppy's breed (large breed puppy for for soon-to-be-large dogs and puppies like me, or a food designed for one of the smaller breeds like a Havanese or Chihuahua).

Just like large breeds of dogs, small and toy breeds have their own lines too, but its not as critical as with their larger cousins, unless you are talking kibble (because they can choke on too large a kibble).

Recommended Dry Puppy Dog Food Brands

Deciding On The "Type" Of Puppy Food

You will find that there is more to feeding a puppy than just dumping kibble in their dish. While a dry kibble food is just fine (provided it is 100% nutritious for your breed of doggie), there are other options to consider such as a raw dog diet, wet (canned) puppy food, and the favorite of most doggie enthusiasts - homemade puppy food.

Or a combo of some/all of the above! The best type of food you can feed your pup is the type that meets your time and budget while serving up the nutrition you pup needs to grow into a top dog.

The benefits of a dry dog diet is that it's great for puppy teeth that need that extra stimulation that a kibble can provide, and it won't spoil if you leave it in the bowl. Canned puppy food is easy for most pups to digest, but should be supplemented with treat bones or kibble to exercise their teeth. A diet of raw food is exactly what their ancestors dined on way before Purina came about. And then homemade food is very much like what you would serve your own human children.

You can read more about these individual types of puppy foods with the links found further down this page.

Comparing Top 2 Puppy Food Brands & Types (Canned and Dry)

compare holistic puppy food blue buffalo dog food for puppies

For canned puppy food, it's hard to go wrong with Nutro Ultra Puppy Holistic Canned Food . Canned food is less processed than dry puppy food, and puppies love a wet food. Because this puppy food brand uses only 100% natural ingredients, and offers a grain free puppy food line as well, we give it a high rating.

If your puppy will be on kibble (dry puppy food), I can only recommend Blue Buffalo BLUE Life Protection Formula for Puppies . During my own puppy days I was switched around from brand to brand until I found Blue Buffalo in my puppy dish. It took only a bag to know that this was the right stuff!

And because Blue Buffalo puppy food is right for all breeds, you can feel assured that your pup will grow up healthy and strong

Steer Clear Of Nonsense Puppy Food

It's totally ridiculous to believe that there is special food just for Chihuahuas, Poodles or a special Great Dane puppy food. Humans are so silly (but we love ya anyway!). That's like announcing there is special food for different nationalities of humans (OK, I do enjoy leftover Chinese food, but that doesn't make me Asian).

What is important to focus on is the SIZE of your puppy - or better put - the size of the dog your pup will grow in to. That's because a toy-sized puppy might choke on puppy kibble that is labeled for large breed puppy food. That's why we have a dedicated section on how to select large breed puppy food right here.

Steps You Can Take Now

For the ultimate puppy experience, try homemade puppy food- that is the ONLY way to know what your puppy is eating. Homemade kibble is really easy to make, and you can find a simple recipe right inside Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes.

Looking for more ways to feed your puppy?

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