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Why I Know This Is The Best Dog Car Seat

We love our dogs, and want the very best for them - which includes being safe and secure while going for a ride in the car. Don't overlook the necessity of securing your dog(s) in a dog car seat... after an accident it's too late to think "I should have".

To cut to the chase, I went down that road after a near miss. But all the dog car seats I looked at and considered where either too bulky, too small for comfort or (most of them) too difficult to install let alone transfer to another vehicle.

Then along came the tether type of dog restraint! All of us are super happy with this product, and here's the top 3 reasons why...

  • Fits most any breed, large or small.
  • Easy to clip in and take out at any time.
  • Most comfortable type of restraint ever invented. Thank You!

I Gasped In Horror - My Dog Was Hurt When I Slammed On The Brakes

Once,not so very long ago, during a car trip it was necessary to hit the brakes hard when another car swerved into our lane. Poor Jasper... he was thrown off the seat and cut his nose!

Jasper had been whiffing the air thought the partially opened window, then... Wahm! My gut still aches when I remember how helpless he was. I vowed never again to venture out without a proper safety restraint in place. And what I found out is that not two dog car seats are alike. Sure, small dogs can fit into one of those elevated car seats (properly installed in the rear seat), but what about a dog who weighs more than 15 lbs?

The best dog seat I found was not so much a "seat" but rather a tether that is safe, secure and humane.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

After much research and asking around, the solution I purchased was this Kurgo Zip Line (even the name sounds like fun!)...

Don't wait another day to order your...

Kurgo Leash and Zipline Dog Vehicle Restraint

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