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Dog Food Allergies

Here's What's Typically Happening

Many of us doggies suffer unnecessarily from dog food allergies. You see us scratching and chewing, right? You may not realize that a proper dog food diet can help us feel better, look like the top dogs we really are and live a longer, healthier life with you.

Dog food allergies can be dreadful, Rocky suffers from grains in his diet.

Dog food allergies, like the ones Rocky (to the right) suffers from, can be easily avoided.

It's a fact that we need a solid animal based protein such as chicken or lamb. But did you know that we also need some whole grains and good fats, just like you do? If you feed us dogs the right grains, healthier grains like rice and barley, that one step can help us to maintain better health (and save on trips to the Vet).

You see, commercial dog food is not really all of that great for us. Even through the dog food label leads you believe they add in quality ingredients, it's all just smoke and mirrors.

The typical dry dog food contains grains that are not fit for doggie (let alone human) consumption. But, we can avoid all that mess by paying attention to what's in the dog food bag - before you bring it home and place it in our doggie bowls.

What Is Exactly Is An Allergy Free Dog Food?

Hypoallergenic dog food (allergy free) is a simply a grain free dog food. That means no corn, either. Corn is the most common ingredient found in many commercial dog foods, and is the most likely to cause major illnesses and dog food allergies. Sure, we love corn as much as you do, but the commercial dog food manufacturers don't use the grains and corns like you envision.

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), what they approve for our doggie dinners is a crazy list of products that should go right into the landfill.

Avoiding Corn Is Your First Line Of Defense

You will notice (Pay attention, this is important stuff!) the many, many recent recalls of dog food, and often it's not about Salmonella -- the most common cause of a dog food to be on the current dog food recall list. Often times the recall is because the grain that is used for dog food is moldy. The commercial pet food manufacturers don't want you to know this.

Many dog food allergies start because your dog has eaten rancid wheat and corn, which are the most common ingredients in commercial dog food.

So in reality, it may not be that your dog is allergic to grains or need a corn free dog food, it's most likely that the dog food may have been manufactured with moldy or contaminated grains. This is way more common than you realize. Isn't it gross?

Then again, if you want to get serious about taking care of us, an allergy free dog food may just be as simple as taking the time to make homemade dog food for us, just like you would your own offspring. This would be a better dog food diet than many of the commercial offerings for sure (hint hint...)

Serving An Allergy-Free Dog Food

Begin by selecting a dog food that is free of grains. Especially corn.

Give it at least 2 weeks (a month is better) and watch us closely to see if we are experiencing some relief. It takes time for the old yucky dog food to go through our systems, and for the new food to nourish our doggie bodies.

Can An Allergy Free Dog Food Be Found?

Yes! It's best to determine of your dog has dog food allergies by switching up the dog food you currently put in the bowl with one that is labeled "allergy free". It's important to read the label for the list of dog food ingredients.

First try out a dog food that has no corn, no wheat, and as few chemicals as you can find. It's very possible that your dog is simply allergic to the preservatives used to help maintain shelf life of the dry dog food.

Best course of action is to make our food in your own kitchen, so that you really know that it is preservative free and healthy for your dog or puppy. Here are some very easy homemade dog food recipes for you to try out.

The Best Dog Food Diet - Ever

However these is no substitute for a homemade dog food that has been prepared with our well being in mind. I might suggest that you begin with one of the simple recipes found in my Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes (instant download) ebook below.

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