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Dog Food Nutrition Facts

Dog food nutrition is really simple, if the food you feed your dog includes these important nutrients you can feel confident that you are feeding your best friend the best food possible!

How Healthy Is The Dog Food You Buy?

Informed dog owners read lables before placing the dog food in their carts.

When we hear discussions about dog food nutrition, functional fatty acids are not something you hear much about at the dog park, and here's how this important dog nutrition component can affect the health of your dog.

According to a recent report on pet food trends in 2013, the top concerns from Top Dog pet owners such as yourself areā€¦

  • The amount of fiber in each serving.
  • Organic or natural ingredients.
  • Allergen-free (no corn, soy or other "nasties").
  • Functional fatty-acids in each serving.

Numerous current clinical studies have proven the health benefits of the long chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, are key to cell survival, healthy growth, cell renewal and other vital functions.

The best way to incorporate omega-3 fatty acids is to include certain oily fish in your dog's diet, such as salmon, mackerel and sardines. You will find excellent, simple recipes that include these important nutrients in our Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes ebook.

How To Get More Omega 3 Into Your Dog's Diet

The simplest way to add Omega 3 fatty acids into your dog's diet is to mix in a small amount of fish oil supplement right into the food just before you feed them. Not all fish oil is created equal, look for one that has a higher ratio of Omega 3. Your local nutrition and supplement store should carry a good variety, or you can just order Omega 3 right Fish Oil from Amazon right here...

According to this recent research, dogs who are overweight have an increased level of molecules that "signal" and have a direct influence on both your dog's appetite and their emotional state. The good news is that this can be reversed by changing the dog food you feed your pet(s).

If you are currently putting bargain brand dog food into the dish, start to combine it with a higher quality dog food such as Blue Buffalo. Begin by substituting 25% of the cheaper dog food with a top rated dog food. Gradually over the week start mixing it 50/50. Typically you won't see a dramatic change for a month or so, but the more best quality dog food you can feed your dog the sooner they will look and feel healthier.

Another fun way to boost your dog's daily nutritional plan is to offer dog treats like Plato's Thinkers, which tout the functional benefits of omega-3s in their formulas. Us doggies love these Wild Alaskan Treats...


However these is no substitute for a homemade dog food that has been prepared with our well being in mind. I might suggest that you begin with one of the simple recipes found in my Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes (instant download) ebook below.

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