Let's Address The Most Common Concerns About Dog Treats

Many dog treats are manufactured in the same facilities that regular dog food is made, canned and bagged, so you can expect some crossover of ingredients - if the facilities are not sterilized between batches. Top dog treats to make your dog smile. All natural dog treasures were meant to be shared :-) Dirty dog food manufacturing is the cause of most dog food recalls. And it's a real concern for any dog who many have reactions to corn, wheat or any grain.

You should be be concerned about the shared processing equipment - especially after all these dog food recalls.

Understanding Dog Treat Labels

Certainly you will want to buy only dog treats that are "all natural". But what does this really mean?

Dog treats which are packaged and labeled as all natural, is only an indication that the ingredients are from natural sources. Pet food manufacturers can still add in chemicals that are sourced from "natural sources". Additionally, using the labeling trick of "All Natural" does not tell us if any of these "natural" ingredients originated in China -- sadly, ingredients that come from this part of the world are not regulate, and are the cause of many doggie deaths and illnesses.

Will The Ingredients Make Your Dog Ill?

Fact number one... us puppies will generally eat anything - we can't help it, we just love food (and your shoelaces, and the welcome mat, etc.).

This may be news to you, but it's a known fact at our dog park group that pet food manufacturers often use sub-par ingredients.

Really, it's not uncommon for any commercial dog food to contain grains that are unfit for consumption (especially corn that has been stored so long that it has become moldy).

And while this practice is more common in dog kibble , this applies to our dog cookies, too.

Often, far too many additives and preservatives are added to your dog's good time treats so that the shelf life outlasts your dog.

Freshness matters! Would you enjoy a stale cookie?

Because there are so many unknowns, our new dog food cookbook has the most up-to-date healthy recipes for the life of your dog - from puppyhood to a mature full grown doggie. Get YOUR copy now!

Your Checklist For Dog Treats

Begin with a recognizable brand that makes ONLY treats and foods for dogs. I must say, it's frustrating when we get bird seed stuck between our teeth.

That way you know they specialize and put all their efforts into making our treats the best they can be. After all, we're pretty special, too!

  • Will these be casual in between meal snacks?
  • Will the treats be used for training? Read more about Dog training treats here.
  • How about dental concerns? Our top pick (over raw meaty bones, that is) are Greenies dog treats. We choose Greenies when there just isn't time to bake our own homemade dog treats because you can trust the ingredients, and Greenies are delicious (according to Jasper).

(Special pricing - get 60 oz. of Greenies on sale now!)

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Make Your Own Homemade Treats The very most delicious dog cookie is one that you make for us. Really! In the time it takes you to go to the pet store we could be munching on homemade dog treats. You can learn how to make dog treats right here.

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