Where To Begin With All The Puppy Food Choices

See how simple dry dog food comparison can be - it really boils down to these top few choices.

  • Where do the ingredients come from?
  • What size kibble is better for your dog?
  • Is grain free important to you?

You see, most dry dog food can be broken down into a few solid options, which I'll share with you here.

Quickly Find The Best Dog Food

First, let's see how dry dog food is marketed, to help you to find the best dry dog food for your top dog wanna be…

Quick dog food comparison to keep your dog in top dog shape. Sadie loves her Wysong dog food

You can narrow your choices tremendously…
Choose the right size of the kibble - toy, small dog dry food, giant breed dog food. You don't want your doggie to choke on too large a kibble.
Organic or Natural - is purely organic the only dog food for your dog, or will all natural dog food do?
Grain free - a small percentage of dogs do experience dog food allergies, and eliminating grains from their diet often brings relief.

Vegetarian or meat based - this is a purely personal choice. If your dog is a vegetarian, you may be interested in these top vegetarian dog food recipes.

Assessing The Dog Food Aisle

The best quality dog food is not always easy to spot. You already know that dogs don't care about fancy packaging, or taste tests (remember that we do like to drink from the toilet bowl!)

Serving up organic or natural (and no, they are not the same) can cost a bit more.

There's no bones about it, you get what you pay for. As for organic dog food, its important to know that any dog food that is labeled organic will need follow the same 'rules' for organic ingredients as human grade food does.

The Results Are In - Your Better Choice In Dog Food

Now you know your own dog's needs, by quickly using the dry dog food comparison above...

It's simply the size of the kibble and organic (or not?)

I realize we have not put our paws on the grain free dog food option, yet. In light of the fact that so many dogs are falling ill to inferior quality dog food that is manufactured with spoiled grains, it's best to avoid dog food with grains. Wasn't that simple?

This Dry Dog Food Brand Is Top Dog Approved

The obvious choice is to select a grain free dry dog food that is all natural (no chemicals to cause complications).

There are only a handful of premium dog food choices now that fit our doggie needs.

Wysong makes both vegetarian dry dog food and meat-based that are both healthy choices.

No nasty grains to make us sick, and only natural ingredients that will keep us in top dog condition.

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