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How To Choose The Best Dry Dog Food

Rating dry dog food goes beyond the marketing and pretty bag and into real advice on how to choose dog food wisely and save money avoiding tricks that entice you to choose one brand over another. The facts are in the nutrition label, and we'll show you how to understand what you're reading in simple terms.

Us doggies can't tell you, other than by allergic reactions, which dry dog food is best for our doggie types. You already know we will eat most anything you place in our dish... we trust your judgement completely.

Don't let your doggie get the dry dog food blues like our pal Chico here.

Small dogs are better off being fed food that is specifically rated for their smaller digestive system.

It's important to consider that they may choke on some of the large breed dog kibble.

How They Rate Dry Dog Food

Pet food is not as regulated as one might think. There are vague "guidelines" for our owners to go by.
Manufacturers add moisture and fillers, and many other ingredients that are not always identified. You must be aware of what you are reading on the label.

We beg you (OK, we are always begging... but this is serious!) to take a closer look at the list of ingredients on the bag of food before you place it in your dog's bowl.

Some of the items you might want to take note of areā€¦

  • Which ingredient is listed FIRST on the bag of food? Good protein sources such as beef, lamb, chicken, etc. should be in the first three positions.
  • Are there more fillers rather than protein? You are looking at too many carbohydrates and nutrition-less ingredients if there are.
  • What is the shelf life of the brand you are considering purchasing? If it many months then it will be loaded with preservatives which are not good for this dog's health

What To Look For In Good Dry Food

The natural dog craves protein. A wild dog would eat meat, but in today's doggie world you have many options for your dog's main meal.

  • Look for protein to be at least a 40% ratio.
  • Look for protein and identified fats to be at least a 40% ratio.

Where is that protein coming from?

We do love to chow down most any type of chicken - but not the faces.

So seriously,, take notes here... the very first ingredient listed on the dry dog food label should be...
Chicken, or... Beef, or... Lamb, or a Soy based protein. It's not in our best interest to feed us food that has animal by-products, or animal protein listed as #1 on the list.

If you really care about what we eat (we are what we eat, you know) let's keep the mystery meat out of the bowls, OK?

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