How To Choose The Best Puppy Food

We know you have concerns about feeding a puppy, besides how much and when to feed them, there are added worries about choosing the right puppy food.

Every pup is different, sometimes even puppies from the same litter react to the same food in different ways.

So you will want to compare puppy food and puppy food brands to find the better fit for your puppy. Large breed puppies need less protein and should be fed their own special food. See more about feeding a large breed puppy here...

How Much Food Should You Feed Your Puppy?

These little pups need anywhere from 375 calories a day up to 1700 calories a day - depending upon their breed and age.

Compare puppy food so that you can feed your puppy the best puppy food.

Yes, there lots of considerations, but generally your pup will need 2x as many calories per day as he will when he is full grown. When your puppy is about half way to adult size, it's time to begin to cut down on the amount of food - little by little.

After all, you don't want an obese, roly-poly dog. It's important to know that puppies typically grow in spurts, so there may be times you need to up the amount of food for a short time.

You can tell they are going through a growth spurt by their behavior - you may think that they are hungry enough to eat the whole bag of kibble (but don't be tempted, really - he won't starve).

See our feeding guide here.

How Often To Feed Your Puppy

It's best to go by what your veterinarian suggests, you most likely will find that you need to adjust the times or frequency of feedings.

Jasper has always been on what is referred to as "free feeding". His dry dog food bowl never goes empty, and Jasper nibbles on his kibble all throughout the day. But this method won't work for every situation.

If you have more than one dog, they will overeat in an attempt to not let the other one get any. Most vets recommend feeding twice a day - measured amounts. What works for one puppy, may not be the right method for another.

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