Grain Free Dog Food - Every Itchy Dog's Fantasy

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Itchy dogs are miserable. Period. Often a simple switch to a grain free dog food will help clear up the symptoms of food related allergies in dogs.

A Dog Food For Skin Allergies

With humans, they say you are what you eat. Why would you think anything different about us dogs?

Grain free dog food can help stop aggressive dog behavior.

Grain free dog food can help
with allergies & aggression

Many dog food allergy symptoms start off with simple, often unnoticed, chewing and nipping at the skin.

And as the dog eats more and more of the offending food, the gnawing and chewing is incessant - enough to drive a cat up the wall.

Seriously, it can keep your dog up all night and take away some of the pleasure you take in his company.

You can simple steps that will help with any skin allergies, especially if it's caused by the type or even the brand of dog food you are putting in the dish.

Get To Know The Enemy

It may be that your dog needs to try out some wheat free dog food, or perhaps corn free dog food…

Or go on a total grain free doggie diet. If you really want to get down to the bare bones of the situation, and know if it's a allergy free dog food that will stop the insanity, it's best to begin with going corn free first.

Try out some corn free dog food for one week. If his symptoms improve, yet are still present - try a complete grain free dog food.

By taking smaller steps - one at a time for a week at a time - you can easily eliminate the cause of your dog's skin allergies that may be caused by commercial dog food.

Toxic Dog Food - What's In The Grains?

Going grain free may be a conscious choice on your part as the main caretaker of your furry friend. As you may have heard the buzz around the dog park, there could be awful toxins in dog food that contains grains. Yep.

Both corn and wheat, along with barley and oats can be used in the manufacturing of dog foods even if they are rancid. You should know that the AAFCO allows grains that are not fit for human consumption to be used in pet foods.

And often the grains used contain herbicides, pesticides, mold (so yucky!) and sometimes carcinogens - those are the cancer causing stuffs.

If Signs Of Aggressive Dog Behavior Is Happening - Try Grain Free Food

Current studies report that the corn in dog foods may be linked to aggressive dog behavior. You see, the corn in dog food is not the same type of corn that people eat.

This "dog corn" is highly processed, split and refined… and often found containing chemicals that you don't even want to think about. The same can be true with wheat and other common grains in dog food.

Aggressive dogs are not the most popular dogs in the park, and it's good to know that you can take steps to help a dog like this become a Top Dog, too.

Buy Grain Free Dog Food Here

As you know, most pet shops stock both grain free canned dog food and dry dog food, so you can make the transition smoothly.

However we found (OK, I only did the taste test part, and it's yummy!) Only Natural Pet Store Online (link below) offers 48 different grain free foods and treats for your dog.

Each one is 100% natural and perfectly top dog wholesome.

You won't find any fillers or junk in this dog food that may cause us stomach upsets, like so many other popular dog food brands.

For convenience sake you can have it shipped right to your own dog house (hmmmn) I mean front door. Why spend time in line when you can take your dog for a walk?