The Original Dog Dental Chew

Greenies for dogs are on sale today! Here's why we recommend Greenies above all other dog dental chews and get your coupon here…

Greenies dog dental chews are on sale now!
Greenies Dog Dental Chew Treats Regular 12...

Greenies Dog Dental Chew Treats Regular [More sizes here]

On Sale Now - $13.59

If You Don't Have Time To Bake Your Own Dog Treats...

Because we are all so busy these days, aren't you glad that Greenies are here to help get rid of the doggie dental issues that can be the root cause of doggie breath?

I know it's akward to brush your dog's teeth like is recommended, so these yummy Vet approved dental chews can help to scrape off any tartar tha can build up (especially for dogs who don't chew kibble). Complete oral care is important since your dog can't readily communicate with you when he has a toothache or worse.

If your veterinaian is suggesting a teeth cleaning session, you may want to try out Greenies first - you may just save $$ on your Vet bill this year! These dog treats are recommended as daily treats to get rid of plaque build up and help *sweeten* your dog's breath (important for those up close doggie moments).

Greenies for dogs come in several different sizes, a shape especially for smaller dogs and larger dog treats for bigger breeds.

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