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Holistic Canned Dog Food

What exactly are you paying EXTRA for?

What Exactly Are Holistic Dog Foods?

You can Ignore this information on holistic canned dog food, unless you want to save money and uncover the truth. Feeding your dog a natural food is admirable, but don't be taken in by marketing efforts designed to pull at your heart strings.



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To begin with, there is not a legal definition of holistic dog food. Nor does the use of natural dog food make the cut. So what you need to ask is this... Is Holistic Canned Dog Food a false reality?

Leave it to us dogs to sniff out the sorry truth that people have been spending far too much on what amounts to fancy dog poop.

You see, the term "holistic" is an approach to something - not a type of food for either humans or pets. What really gets my fur up is when a canned dog food label uses the term holistic, just to pass off what might turn out to be an inferior dog food.

And charge a dog's ransom for their canned dog food. That's nothing to wag your tail about!

Can Dog Foods Labeled As Holistic Be The Magic Cure For Your Dog?

We dogs instinctively know that you only want the very best for us, and it's a sad fact that marketers prey on your weakness.

Misleading labeling is just wrong. Holistic Select Dog Food uses the term holistic in their name, but obviously the canned dog food is not holistic. I guess when you choose to buy Holistic Select Dog Food, it is then selected? What marketing guru came up with that name?

Holistic Dog Foods - Are They Trustworthy?

Another such example is Wysong "holistic" dog food. The official website for this product reads… "Wysong offers a selection of healthy, holistic canned dog food designed to provide variety and augment all other Wysong canine diets" Is that right?

You must ask why they are trying to fool you into believing that their dog food is holistic. But, enough about the misleading holistic labeling, let's see what's inside the can of Wysong holistic canned dog food.

A closer look at the guaranteed analysis according to their dog food label reads…

  • Crude Protein (Min) 7.0 %
  • Crude Fat (Min) 4.0 %
  • Crude Fiber (Max) 1.0 %
  • Moisture (Max) 75.0 %

Yes, water may appear to be "holistic" since all of God's creatures need water to survive. But this actually appears to be the makings of very expensive dog urine. Many dogs I know get their fair share of water right from the toilet.

The Wysong website leads you to believe that their canned dog food is indeed holistic (even though there is no such thing as holistic canned dog food), but a closer look at their very tiny disclaimer (I mean you need a magnifying glass to find it!) reads…

"The content of our Wysong 100 Pet Health Truths™ e-mails and website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration." Quoted from

So, I ask you as my favorite dog owner and chief care taker, doesn't your human brain send up a red flag about this manufacturer's intensions?

Why are these dog food companies trying to trick you into spending more for healthy dog food, when in fact holistic is an outright farce? (Hint: Money!). I could go on barking up this tree until nightfall, as there are so many dog food manufacturer's who use the buzz word holistic to get you to buy their canned dog food over any other very healthy canned dog food options displayed right on the same shelf.

If you really, really care about me, then take some time to make my doggie meals. After all, you cook for yourself don't you? Please consider these yummy homemade dog food recipes that you can whip up faster than you can shop the long aisles of most any pet food store.

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Just between you an me, I predict that the next new fad will be "green dog food" - probably recycled from holistic canned dog food, you think?

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