Please don't get frustrated with your puppy's behavior, here's real help on how to train a puppy! (he's trying, really he is!) The following simple-to-follow training techniques are gentle enough for the most sensitive pup, yet effective for the most stubborn bull dog.

Yes, OK, I admit I was a puppy school dropout. Twice. After that, I was actually asked to not come back, something about being disruptive? (It really wasn't my fault, that poodle was asking for trouble.) I realize it's hard to imagine a top dog like myself ever not being well behaved.

As you can plainly see by my current status, there's hope for your darling little rascal, too!

This Is How Jasper Went From Misbehaved to Marvelous…

Some doggies join the local dog obedience classes and march around in silly circles once a week, but it's way better to take on how to train your puppy yourself. When you act like the Alpha dog you are - good things come from those actions.

And the key benefit to choosing to train us yourself is that you can decide when and where you want to have the training take place.

Exposing us to different locations gives us better experiences, rather than those city classes where we meet at the same time and same place every week. And, obviously, the more often you work with us pups, the sooner we will "get it".

Advice From The Dog Park

Reflecting back on my puppy days, I remember that the table was littered with brochures on how to train a puppy camps, and neither one of us wanted to separate for such a long period. However, both of us were all getting seriously frustrated. A friend from the park shared with us How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With .

This particular book (unlike other how to train a puppy books) is geared to highlighted my puppiness (aka - my uniqueness). After all, every puppy is special, right?

So, finding ourselves at the end of our respective leashes, we immediately went to the local book shop (where they usually have a fresh bowl of water waiting for me). I remember this day vividly because that's when the stress level lifted.

Just one week into this really nifty training program, it was clear that How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With was the solution! We were both very relieved and having lots of fun together, too. Mostly we were impressed by the stress free way this particular book goes about training any dog or puppy - and it really works, there is nothing quite like it (I know, we have been there done that till the cats come home) - and you, too, can start right now by ordering your How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With book from Amazon. It's fast, secure and most of all it works.

Do Dog Training Treats Really Work?

Quite often, yes! Puppy training and puppy food go hand in hand.

It's important to know puppies are driven by your love and attention (they can't help but want to please you - our Alpha dog!), and our tiny tummies are constantly searching for food. So it's common to use dog training treats to reward us for that gold star behavior.

But please know that's not the entire solution on how to train a puppy.

  • What about our incessant barking?
  • Or Jumping up on everyone we meet?

Offering us treats at those moments will only serve to reinforce what you don't want us to do. Save the dog treats for tricks like hand to paw high fives (I'm SO good at that!).

Steps You Can Take Now

The food you choose to feed your puppy plays an important role on how your new pup will respond to training. Just like human children, too much junk food can be cause for rebellion :-)

Why take chances with this most important part of your relationship building? I can only recommend supplementing any kibble with some homemade puppy food. You will be amazed at how your new best friend bonds so quickly, and trusts you openly when you feed them the best food possible. Try out some recommended recipes in our own downloadable ebook...

Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes.


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