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Hypoallergenic Dog Food Facts

the TRUTH behind the labels

Rocky used to suffer from dog food allergies, but now he's on a hypoallergenic dog food diet and feeling perky!

The term hypoallergenic dog food is tossed around, but the truth is that many of the large dog food brands try really hard to keep secret about the quality of ingredients that go into every bag or can of their brand. It's a fact that us dogs can taste that mold and rot that dog food manufacturers add into our - what is label as - healthy pet dog food.

Start by becoming more aware of what the label tells you is inside the package. And then by eliminating firs any dog food that contains corn of any kind, you can start your dog on the path to better health, and allergy free living.

We Dogs Want Allergy Free Dog Food

The secret is out! Many of us suffer from skin allergies in dogs caused by the type of dog food you choose to feed us.
Hypoallergenic dog food is a gray area.

Find out the truth from Rocky, right here. Rocky has just started a hypoallergenic dog food diet, and is beginning to get his spark back (you should have seen him last week!).

Recommended Grain Free Dog Foods

Nothing personal, we know you didn't know the sneaky things that make up commercial dog food. But, really now...

The fact is that these dog food allergies are typically caused by the ingredients found in our dog food. Well it's really no big surprise, so let me share with you dog to dog owner. You see, I was once an itchy miserable mess!

Dry dog food is the worst type of dog food for allergies. One of the reasons is the huge amount of preservatives that are needed to keep dry dog food on the shelf until someone actually buys it. Next, and this is no longer the deep dark secret it once was, it's a proven fact that the corn and other grains used in dog food are often laden with mold.

Your Dog Is Begging You For Wheat Free & Corn Free Dog Food

You most likely already know that corn in dog food is terrible, yet so many of us suffer the dog food allergies caused by this top ingredient (read the dog food labels, please!).

Dog Food labels are deceiving! We are outraged by how little reality is written on the dog food ingredient labels regarding the actual ingredients - and where they came from. You'd be grossed-out, too.

We may need a gluten free dog food, some of you might know this as wheat free dog food. Gluten can have nasty effects on humans, too!

Bottom line is that the combination of grains isn't as important as where those grains actually came from - the actual source of the grains.

Corn Free Is Not Grain Free Dog Food

Look for grain free dog food from brands such as Wysong Anergen and Blue Buffalo which are healthier choices. In reality, grain free dog food is a bit of a myth since all dog foods (except homemade or raw) contain some grain like rice. If you can keep the type of grains down to just those that are not so refined (which are the cause of many major dog food allergy problems) is typically what you will find in most dog foods which are labeled as hypoallergenic.

Blue Buffalo brand dog food has stepped up beyond other dog food brands to clearly outline what a real hypoallergenic dog food should be. If I were to choose one commercial hypoallergenic dog food brand, Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Recipe would be my first pick.

In comparison to Hills Science Diet dog food, where the first listed ingredient is starch (we don't need "science" which translates to chemicals, just real wholesome food). There is no indication of what the starch is or even where it came from. This is a bit scary to us dogs.

Even though we enjoy a sunbaked lizard now and then, at least we know what it is that we are eating.

Serving Up The Best Quality Dog Food Is Simple As Pie

(No, please don't feed us pie unless it's your homemade special.) Seriously, it's not difficult to find a better source of dog food at most any pet specialty store. Most discount stores only have the brands that are commercially unacceptable for any dog with dog food allergies (that's because cheap dog foods need to sit on the shelf until they finally sell - which means lots of artificial preservatives).

Once you find a brand that we like and are thriving on, such as Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Rice Recipe its best to rotate the type of hypoallergenic dog food every now and then.

Veterinarians recommend rotation of our dog food diet with every season change.

After all, you don't eat the same foods winter and summer, do you? That's because its possible that we may just build up new dog food allergies to one brand or another, so to keep it under control, rotate, rotate, rotate.

The Best Dog Food - Ever

Truth be told, there is simply no substitute for a homemade dog food that has been prepared with our well being in mind. I might suggest that you begin with one of the simple recipes found in my Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes (instant download) ebook below.

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