Which Puppies Need A Large Breed Puppy Food?

As a new puppy owner, you have the option of choosing a large breed puppy food over any regular puppy food… But why?

Simply put, large breed dogs need large breed puppy food. You see these special dog food diets are designed so that a larger breed of puppy will grow at a good rate (not too fast, causing problems later on in life).

How Do You Know If Your Puppy Qualifies?

If your puppy will eventually gain more than 50 lbs when he's a big guy, his adult health will benefit greatly from you choice. Let's face it, none of us like to be driven to the vet.

PLUS it's important to know that a large breed puppy food is specifically formulated for the type of growth he is about experience. In contrast, smaller and toy breeds reach their adult size much quicker than say a Great Dane. So if that large breed puppy grows too fast, muscular skeleton problems often occur, causing pain (and vet bills).

What's The Big (doggie) Difference?

This special puppy food has a lower protein content than puppy food designed for smaller dogs. A larger breed puppy takes longer to get to his full grown size than a miniature or toy breed. Just look at our paws!

Besides just low protein, (hey the cheapo foods have little or low protein)... our little puppy bodies need lots of different vitamins to stay healthy. Extra nutrients, too, so that we can play with you for more years to come.

You can help us avoid dog food allergies by limiting the amount of corn and wheat (found in most commercial dry dog foods). Often those grains are subpar or even moldy. It's not really the grains that are the issues and make us itch like a cat gone mad, but rather the poor quality of the food that causes us grief.

Any puppy who will grow up to become one of us big guys needs a low protein dog food. But only if you want to avoid lots of muscular-skeleton issues as a big dog. If you feed us too much protein, we will get big growth spurts that are not good for our puppy bodies.

The Best Dry Puppy Food For Large Breeds

If it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then this simple chart to compare puppy foods is worth your puppy's weight gold…

Compare Large Breed Puppy Food Brands

Puppy Food Brand







Blue Buffalo is our choice for Large Breed Puppy food. Yes! Blue Buffalo has it. es! Blue Buffalo has it. es! Blue Buffalo has it. es! Blue Buffalo has it. Blue Buffalo puppy food is healthy. Blue Buffalo puppy food is healthy.
Beneful puppy food.            
Bil Jac puppy food. checkmark   checkmark      
Eukanuba puppy food. checkmark   checkmark      
Iams puppy food. checkmark   checkmark      
Nutro puppy food compare.     checkmark   This puppy food does not contain by-products  
Nutro also makes Natural Choice puppy food.     checkmark   This puppy food does not contain by-products  
Purina One pupy food information. checkmark          
Purina ProPlan puppy food. checkmark          
Purina Puppy Chow for large breed puppies.            

A side by side comparison of 12 different puppy food brands - All specifically formulated for large breed dogs - There are some excellent "taste testers" out there – unfortunately no one asked me to take that job. So we must rely on the quality of ingredients as listed on the package as dog food ingredients. We always recommend Blue Buffalo large breed puppy food, for several good reasons...

--It's a dog food brand we can trust with our pet's nutrition.

--It's one of the few puppy foods that list top quality ingredients in every package.

--There's no fillers or by-products - just good wholesome puppy food

The good news is that you can have Blue Buffalo delivered right to your door! And for a limited time, save money when you order from Amazon, (who by the way, carry Blue Buffalo for large breed puppies at a great discount!)...

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