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Low Fat Dog Food - Does Your Brand Match Up?

Want to know how nutritious that low fat dog food is?


We took the 3 top sellers and did a dry dog food comparison of these National brands. The results (below) will shock you. Who would have thought!

Here's Where Most Pet Owners Go Astray

Low fat dog food labels are often misleading. Did you know that there is not any official regulation to provide the amount of calories on the dog food label?

You see, only the more reputable brands of weight loss dog food volunteer this information. And it is "volunteer", not mandatory that pet food manufacturers print this nutritional information on their packaging. So first off, if a package does not show the complete nutritional data, don't buy it. They must be hiding something.

It's important to know that dog foods can be labeled lean or light or possibly low calorie - but this means nothing to you as the consumer, merely a packaging ploy.

The Truth In Labeling Is Minimal

However, if a dog food bears the words 'reduced calories' then it must contain fewer calories than it's full calorie version of the same food. Ditto with lower in fat or reduced fat. Confusing, isn't it!

Dry Dog Food Comparison - 3 Top Brands

Let's compare 3 of the best selling, dry kibble low fat dog foods side by side by side. They all offer you the calorie information necessary for an informed decision, where as many brands do not.

Natural Choice Nutro Lite

Calories... 3080 Kcal (229Kcal/cup)
Fat... 8%
Protein... 17%
Quality of ingredients...
Rice is the main ingredient followed by lamb meal (could be any part of the lamb - hoofs, ears, etc.) in this Nutro Natural Choice dog food, then it moves into lots of chemicals so it qualifies as a "complete and balanced" dog food.

Moving on to our next dry dog food comparison in the weight loss dog food category we reviewed:

Science Diet Light

Calories... 2997 kcal (295 kcal / cup)
Fat... 8%
Protein... 20%
Quality of ingredients... Corn is the main ingredient in Science Diet Lite, followed by more carbs then chicken by-products (could this be feet and beaks?), yes chemicals here, too. Since the quality of ingredients is suspect, we cannot recommend Science Diet for any dog - fat or thin.

Iams dog food is a best seller in most the the dry dog food categories, and here are the results for their weight loss dog food...

Iams Weight Control

Calories... 3392 kcal (333 kcal / cup)
Fat... 9%
Protein... 20%
Quality of ingredients... Corn is the main ingredient (again) followed by chicken by-products, followed by more grains before real protein is listed.

Certainly you have other choices when it come to feeding your dog a low fat dog food, but these were selected as the most frequently purchased in the Pet Stores we interviewed (Jasper just loves to go shopping for dog food, or food of any kind!).

Our Pick Of These 3 Lite Dog Foods, And Why

We have to go with Natural Choice Nutro Lite, based solely on the ingredients. Rice is a great source of vitamins. Each brand was close in fat content, and protein can easily be adjusted by offering some real meat every other day.

The dog food brands that fill your dog dish with filers such as corn and over-processed grains are only doing so to cut cost and still meet minimum requirements. Real is well, real.

Recommended Low Fat Dog Foods

3 Things You Can Actively Do To Help Your Dog Lose Those Extra Pounds

1.) Measure your dog's food, instead of just guesstimating by pouring our of the bag. Really, it may seem like extra work, but you could easily just leave a measuring cup right in the bag or pet food storage container.
That way anyone who is in charge of feeding times, won't have to fumble - or worse - just dump into the dog dish.

2.) Feed on a regular schedule. Many dogs lose weight when fed 3 - 5 small meals a day, but we realize that is not always practical.
At least instead of just one giant meal, try feeding your dog twice a day, in measured amounts.

3.) Go out for walks! You can probably use the extra exercise just as much as your dog can.
Schedule a trip at least once a week (Saturdays are our favorite times) to the local dog park. Let your dog run and play off leash with Jasper, and Sparkey and the whole gang.

FREE app for your iPhone!...

MapMyDOGWALK app (it's a new Free app you can download from iTunes) is new - and Jasper and I think it's super! Easily keep track of your doggie outdoor adventures - this app will keep both of you on the right walk to better health.

From Obese To Oh My Gosh Gorgeous!

You can do it! Our neighbor, Rosie, needed desperately to lose weight - or face knee surgery. Poor Rosie... you could see she was in pain, and rarely played with us at all when we would visit.

Rosie lost weight on a weight loss dog food she enjoyed. Rosie Is fit now  and has lots of energy!

However, Rosie lost the weight she needed to lose, by staying on her same favorite dry dog food -

but eating far less.

Dave tried her on a low fat dog food, and she spit it out (who could blame her it tasted mightly yucky).

Knowing that things were going to get tough, Dave kept her on the food she already was used to. Since Rosie already liked the taste, it helped her to stick to her doggie diet.

Here's How Much Dry Dog Food This Lab Was Served

She was given 1 measured cup both morning and evening and absolutely no snacks in between. That's it, it was so simple!

She now enjoys running for the frisbee and playing with all us doggies as never before. It's so awesome!

Remember your dog will eat nearly anything you put in the dish, begin with the better low fat dog food and take it from there.

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