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The Raw Dog Diet FAQs

Simple Raw Dog Food Feeding Guidelines

Easy Steps To Introduce a Raw Dog Diet

Vegetarian dog food facts are that we CAN be healthy and meat free!

Feeding your dog a raw dog diet doesn't need to be confusing. Simply because we buy human grade food for our dogs and puppies, it can be difficult to find a dog feeding guide that relates to a raw dog food serving.

Since the measurements for doggy servings are not written on the packages of the raw food we purchase for our dogs,

I'll share them with you here.

How I Measure Out Raw Dog Food

It's easy to get the right amount of raw food into the dog dish, without overfeeding.

I simply follow the recommendations as for any type of dog food, since the amount remains the same, just the way it's prepared is different (or not prepared in the case of a raw dog diet). You can find my handy dog feeding guideline chart here.

How Often Should You Feed Your Dog?

There are as many different opinions on how often to feed your dog as there are cats in an alley. With dry dog food, many people like to "fee feed" which amounts to leaving dry dog food out for your dog all the time. However, when you choose to feed your dog a raw dog food diet, this just isn't practical - or safe.

A twice a day feeding schedule is optimal for most dogs. A raw dog food diet can be served at the same time you take your own meals. In fact, your dog will feel like part of your family pack when you do!

A good balance of both vegetables and proteins can be spread out among the two feedings, so that your dog stays the top dog he yearns to be. You will find that overweight or obese dogs lose those extra puppy pounds and get into top dog shape quickly when treated to a raw dog diet.

How To Avoid A Raw Food Disaster

Often, when we are trying something for the first time, we are certain to make some mistakes. But what if your mistake can jeopardize your dog's life?

That's the predicament many dog owners face when experimenting with a raw dog food diet. Although you already know it's the better way to feed your dog, it's best to have a simple understanding of what is good - and not so good - before you get started.

Puppies especially can be so very fragile when they are so little, and you don't want to risk their health by either feeding your puppy a commercial food that may be contaminated or upsetting their puppy systems with an improper raw food diet. I have found the Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs -The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals to be the absolute best resource to have on hand.

It's clear and easy to follow advice makes it easy for any doggie to go raw!

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