These dogs enjoy the health benefits a raw dog diet can bring.

Raw Dog Food Diet

Is RAW the right dog diet for your doggie?

Naturally A Raw Dog Diet Is Becoming Popular

Will your dog benefit from a raw dog food diet? If your dog fits this profile, you can begin feeding him fresh raw dog food right away with these step-by-step tips.


Before You Begin A Raw Diet, The First Steps

Before you decide to switch your dog's diet to raw food, it's important to your dog that you stick with a plan that both of you can live with. Consider things like…

  • How much time you are willing to spend both shopping for ingredients and the actual preparation of your dog's raw food? You already shop for your own groceries, but the preparation time will take some getting used to. And raw food is raw - that means no cooking is involved, only simple prep work.
  • How much can you afford to spend on the ingredients for your dog's raw food diet? Organic produce, especially organic meat, typically comes with a higher price tag over standard produce and protein.
  • And perhaps most importantly, will this raw dog food diet be the sole food that your dog will consume? Or will you be supplementing his meals with dry dog food, or maybe mixing in some canned dog food (Yes, it's perfectly fine to mix up both a raw diet and homemade dog food or perhaps top rated commercial dog foods).

When you upgrade the food you choose to feed your dog, your dog will reap the benefits of a healthier coat, more energy, and a longer life span. If you are ready to start now, I can recommend this book, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs -The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals, because it's easy to follow and honestly the best book I have ever come across on the topic of feeding raw.

How Do You Know If Raw Food Is The Best Dog Diet Plan?

This Boston Terrier enjoys a raw dog food diet only occasionally.

It's only natural that your dog craves a raw dog food diet, but should you feed your dog fresh raw dog food?

If your dog is showing signs of excessive scratching, or maybe lacking energy as compared to other dogs at the dog park, it might be time to think about trying him on a raw, or even a partial raw, diet.

Many dogs suffer from any number of skin conditions. Your dog may benefit greatly from homemade raw dog food, or perhaps maybe a combination diet that included raw dog food in the mix.

Many dogs like Alice here, dine on both a raw diet and dog food that is prepared commercially. You can even find raw dog food at the major pet shops, often refrigerated or frozen - but personally, if you are going to go raw, just go RAW!

It's easy to do, because there is no cooking involved. However, fresh is your foremost consideration. If you are lucky enough to have a fresh Farmer's Market nearby, you can load up on what is fresh and in season. Besides, it's a good outing for the both of you.

It's been proven that dogs who are fed a diet exclusive of raw foods, mostly meats, tend to retain their youth and are generally in much better health.

It won't happen overnight, but you might just see a new zip and zest in your dog's behavior if you begin a raw dog food diet. It's most likely because you have chosen to feed him in the most natural manor possible.

Are Raw Dog Foods The Healthiest Option For My Dog?

Although not every dog is a good candidate for this type of feeding style, if your dog is in good health, feeding your dog a natural, raw dog food will serve to keep in him top shape. What every top dog yearns for!

On the other hand, if your dog is sickly, it's best to get your vet's opinion before you change your dog's food. That would be the case whether you choose to try out raw dog food diet or just a new brand/type of dog food .

Dogs who switch over to a raw diet from either dry dog food or canned dog food are typically dogs that already have a strong immune system working for them.

Commercial Dog Food Can Be Harmful

Most of the nutrients you see listed on most any dog food label have been chemically altered, however fresh raw food is just that - fresh and raw (not chemically altered). It's top dog food all the way!

Just like humans, dogs react to chemicals in their food. It only makes sense that you would want to feed your dog the best food you can afford, and when you do so you will save money, too.

And again, just like humans, we dogs require a complete and balanced diet. This may mean that you will need to provide daily supplements to the raw diet, so that your dog gets all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep his doggie body healthy and his bones strong.

A raw dog food diet typically contains more calories, which translates to more exercise is required to keep your dog in top shape, and not become a coach potato. More calories equals more energy! The "natural dog" ran miles and miles each day to hunt for his fresh food, so remember to take us out for long walks and runs at the dog park often. You will both benefit from more exercise!

Starting Dog Raw Food Diet

You are at the cusp of starting something great!

It's best practice to begin gradually, introducing some raw food just a little each day, over the course of a week or two. Try mixing in the previous food with the new raw food. Begin with a ratio of 1 part raw to 3 parts of the previous dog food.
Up the ratio every other day, as long as your dog is doing well with this new food.

Take note of any changes in your dog's feces, looking for anything that may be out of the ordinary for your dog such as runny stools. This is a sign that your dog is having a not-so-good reaction to this new diet, and its time to re-evaluate the foods you are feeding him.

It may mean just a change up in the homemade dog food recipes you are using, or it may be an indication that the raw food was not handled properly.

Bacteria can be a nasty side effect, but one that can be avoided. Salmonella, a type of bacteria sometimes present in raw meats and eggs, usually does not affect dogs because their digestive tracts are different from humans. But you need to know that some raw meats contain other bacteria, and possibly worms. Many vets suggest partially cooking the raw meat to avoid the transfer to your dog.

The Typical Raw Diet For Dogs

You will find many recipes for homemade raw dog food, and you will notice that most of them use a healthy combination of these basic ingredients…
The top ingredient is always a protein, at least 60% in any raw dog food diet.

  • Raw Vegetables, especially dark green vegetables. Vegetable are important for the antioxidants that they contain.
  • Some limited fruit, usually harder fruits such as apples.
  • Often yogurt or another type of dairy ingredient is mixed in for the calcium benefit dairy typically contains
    You will want to change up the recipes to ensure that your dog is getting all the nutrients and vitamins required to maintain good health.

For example, you can easily exchange tofu and eggs for beef once in a while, and vary the vegetables you offer, always selecting the freshest and in season fruits and vegetables available.

Unlike humans, dogs are not prone to hardening of their arteries due to eating excessive eggs.

Insure that your dog receives the proper balanced nutrition to sustain a healthy lifestyle. You may want to ensure the nutritional balance of the raw dog food diet with nutritional supplements available from your vet.

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