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Top Rated Dog Food Truths

What is REALLY inside popular dog foods?

This special report will uncover the top rated dog food, and why we recommend them for your dog, too.

To qualify for our short list, a dog food must...

Top rated dog food is easy to spot.
  • Not be on the frequent dog food recall list.
  • Use only wholesome ingredients.
  • Be accountable for truth in labeling.

Honest Dog Food Ratings

Your dog can't tell you what the marketers and advertising agencies want to hide from you. Big name dog food brands spend untold millions on promotions. Each and every marketing campaign is targeted to pull your strings. So, the only real way to honestly find out the top rated dog food, is to take it to us doggies.

I'm barking about taste tests and real-time trials. After all, just a sampling of any product cannot tell you the long term effects.

It's true that unless I absolutely refuse to eat any dog food, my owners don't have a clue whether it's really healthy for me - or not.

It's really sneaky how dog food manufacturers use "buzz words" to evoke your emotions so that you will buy one brand over another. That is the foundation for stating they are the top rated dog food of all time. But you are smarter than the average dog owner, and you know enough to believe those marketing ploys.

Let's explore the sorry truth behind the dog food advertisers.

Yes, both advertisers and government agencies (who by the way have a different agenda than what we doggies really need), are driven by profits. This should come as no real surprise. With that thought in mind, how can anyone make an informed choice as to which is really a top rated dog food?

If you ask any doggie (provided you speak fluent doglish) they will tell you they prefer a dinner based on a raw dog food diet. If you ask at the dog park, you will uncover that a raw dog diet is first on any dog's dining agenda. Of course, every owner is different and many of you need - for varying reasons - to feed us commercial dog food, whether that be dry crunchies or wet and sloppy.

Recommended Top Rated Dog Foods

The first 5 ingredients pretty much tell the story of what's in the dog food. If a dog food label lists corn or any corn-based products first -- avoid it like the plague. That's because much of the corn that is used in commercial dog food is not really fit for dog consumption. Many manufacturers use corn that should have been discarded, because it's riddled with mold and just outright yucky.

Here are a few ingredients that can make us sick...

  • Chemical additives
  • Anything you cannot pronounce
  • Protein sources that are not clearly identified - consider this "mystery meat" (really, would you eat it?)
Do you trust dog food companies to decide for us? How about Consumer Reports? Can you rely on their information to determine the top rated dog food? Yes, even the FDA gets involved to bring you the best dog food label.

Examining The Best Dog Food Ranked By…

Dog food manufacturers

Of course, every dog food manufacturer will tell you that their brand of dog food is the absolute top rated dog food. Is it true? Heavens to doggie treats no! Most brands hire expensive marketing firms that employ surveys to determine what is important to the purchaser of the food, not us dogs! It's as if us dogs were clueless before commercially manufactured dog food was invented. Gimme a break here. I may be a simple canine, but I'm smart enough to know what I need to eat to stay healthy. After all, my ancestors survived before Purina, didn't they? So, that brings us to…

Consumer Reports

This for-profit company enlisted the opinions of 8 veterinary schools students to make the determination for their opinion on the top recommended dog food. Let's take this apart - even my doggie smarts can see the non-logic here.

  • Consumer Reports is interested in making money (for profit).
  • They surveyed a whopping 8 students, and asked them for their "opinion". Nothing here is based on facts.
  • The entire team of 8 that were chosen to participate in the survey were mere students, not qualified Veterinarians, as you may be led to believe.

And nowhere in the data can I find evidence that the 8 students even own a dog (or a goldfish?) of their own. Here is the link where you can read this shocking tale for yourself ... Consumer Reports on Top Rated Dog Food.

US Food and Drug Administration - Animal & Veterinary

Beginning in the very first paragraph, this government agency starts out their website by stating… "Pet food labeling is regulated at two levels." Which means, if you really pay attention to their statement carefully, they don't actually offer information on the best dog food ranked or rated, but rather only the LABEL that goes on the dog food.

It's important to remember that the labels are created by the advertising agencies that the dog food company hires. As our caretakers can you believe any label on our food that claims to be "holistic dog food"? What about "the meatiest"? Soon, no doubt, you will see labels on bags of dry dog food that claim to make us dogs "attuned to burglars" so you can save money on your security system.

This site, FDA/Animal & Veterinary Resources, as referenced above, continues their website information with this (quite obvious) statement…

"The product name can be a key factor in the consumer's decision to buy the product. For that reason, manufacturers often use fanciful names or other techniques to emphasize a particular aspect of the product. Because many consumers purchase a product based on the presence of a specific ingredient, many product names incorporate the name of an ingredient to highlight its inclusion in the product."

The Top Dog Food Advice

I noticed that many of my dog park pals are served dog foods that have the most marketing dollars behind them. It makes you wonder how much thought is really going into their bowls.

So what is the top recommended dog food is for your dog? It's important to take into consideration our size - are we toy or are we large breed? - our age and most important, are we a tad bit overweight?

Small dog breed puppies require more protein than large breed puppies. It's a growth thing. The senior dogs don't need as much calories as a more youthful dog. Also consider if you want to feed us dry dog food, or canned dog food. Personally, I like a combo platter of dry food and homemade dog food.

You Can Buy Top Rated Dog Food Now

One specific dog food brand, Blue Buffalo, has constantly been at the top of our radar. The ingredients are wholesome and nutritious, never any fillers or ingredients that will cause your dog harm.

Blue Buffalo Brand Dog Food is always grain free.

Most importantly is the fact that Blue Buffalo Brand Dog Food has the distinction of never being on the dog food recall list. This is impressive, and shows the integrity behind every scoop.

Healthiest Dog Food

However these is no substitute for a homemade dog food that has been prepared with our well being in mind. I might suggest that you begin with one of the simple recipes found in my Top 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes (instant download) ebook below.

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