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Vegetarian Dog Food FAQs

Thousands Of Dogs Go Vegetarian Style

More dogs than ever stay healthy on a vegetarian dog food diet!

Vegetarian dog food facts are that we CAN be healthy and meat free!

It's a fact that today more dogs than ever stay healthy on a vegetarian dog food diet. How do they do it?

It's true that us dogs get most of our energy from protein and fats. And of course, carbohydrates play an important role as well, especially in top dog food. Often though, when a dog is placed on a vegetarian style diet, we get just too many of those carbs in our daily food. Here's how to avoid the pitfalls that a vegetarian dog diet can bring...

  • The facts are that too many carbs in our diet now can lead to serious health problems later on in our doggie lives.
  • Choose foods with high protein content as meat replacement. Some good choices are tofu, eggs and cheese.
  • Supplement our vegetarian diet with dog supplements (vegetarian based of course), until we get used to the new way of eating, and you learn how to provide us with a nutritionally balanced diet without supplements.

I can't help but notice that many of my dog friends who are, well, a tad bit overweight are typically fed a dog food that is over the top in carbohydrate count, (lots of corn, grains, fillers, oh my!. And it's difficult for them to run and burn it off easily.

You will find that most commercial vegetarian dog food...

Whether it be dry dog food or canned, typically contains mostly grains and fillers. I know you read the labels, that is why you are researching dog diets right now.

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Look For Healthy Ingredients In Meatless Dog Food

Just because it's meatless it doesn't have to be all carbs and not enough protein!

If you are careful when choosing a commercially made dog food by reading the ingredients on the label your vegetarian dog will be well fed.

You can be assured the bag or can you bring home is 100% nutritious for your doggie by simply checking the first 4 ingredients. Here's what to look for:

  1. Be certain that the ingredients are wholesome for us (top quality protein source like soy beans).
  2. Limit, or better yet, avoid corn and all ingredients that include a "corn" in the name.
  3. Check for no more than 50% carbohydrates overall. We do like our daily bread, but it's better if you feed us corn, wheat, barley and other grains sparingly.
  4. Avoid BHA and BHT are 2 chemicals you will want to avoid, and Ethoxyquin is a nasty preservative that many dog food brands use (because it's cheap) with can be deadly to your dog.

Ingredients That Are Safe

Recent studies show us that taurine (which is found in meat) is a very necessary for your dog's heart health, especially in the larger breeds of dogs like my friend Jupiter the Great Dane.

A complete dog food will include some form of fat, and that fat may go rancid if it's not preserved with something.

The FDA has approved using chemicals derived from vitamins, as an all natural preservative to be used in the manufacturing of dog food. Typically you will see this on the label spelled out as either "tocopherol" or "ascorbate". And that's OK, it just sounds creepy.

Dog Food Vegetarian Style and Lovin' It

Some of need to be on a vegetarian dog food diet simply because of dog food allergies. If this is your top dog food concern, you will want to know this information on hypoallergenic dog food and how you can help avoid dog food allergies.

By nature we are carnivores - that means we have instincts to eat meat, poultry and fish. But certainly if you have made a conscious choice to avoid these food, we do not want to offend you.

Most dogs are able to survive OK on a vegetarian diet, but the goal here is not to survive - but thrive!

We do ask that you speak to your Vet to get the complete lowdown on the best dog food diet for us... And remember to ask your Vet about any supplements (including fish oil) they recommend that you add to our meals.

You already know that most dogs crave a raw food... but did you know that a raw dog food diet can be designed for your vegetarian dog? You will want to see this important information on a raw dog food diet here.

Power Up Our Protein Intake

A big 18% (minimal) to 22% of protein is what we need in our daily meal intake. It's easy to supplement our commercial dry dog food with some human food, if you please. Some good sources of protein in lieu of meat are…

  • Eggs give us the most protein weight for weight, and should be cooked (I like mine scrambled with a little milk included).
  • Tofu - we love it just as it is! No cooking required.
  • Cheese - it helps to calm us down when you feel we are too rowdy.
  • Peanut butter - mix it in our oatmeal in the morning. Yum, yum!

The most important factor when placing your dog on a vegetarian lifestyle is to monitor the protein they receive with any vegetarian dog food recipe to be certain that it is derived from a quality source such as cottage cheese or eggs, or any of the above foods.

Top Tip: Homemade Dog Foods For Vegetarian Dogs

It's easy to make your own vegetarian dog food! In fact, we love it when you cook for us, or especially when you include us in the family meal... Really we do! You will find that it's really no bother to simply cook a little bit more of your own vegetarian meal to share with us.

The best homemade vegetarian dog food should include a mixture of fruits, vegetables and quality protein along with fat. Yep, we need more fat in our diets as compared to a human fat to diet ratio. Fats don't hang out in a vegetarian diet without some help from you.

We actually like our food raw - so grate up some carrots, and chop up some apples, these raw vegetables and crisp fruits will give our teeth a good workout, too. You will find that a homemade vegetarian dog diet will keep us in tip top dog shape!

There is much controversy over putting your dog on a vegetarian diet. Here are some homemade vegetarian dog food recipes to get you started.

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