Here's Your Short List Of The Worst Puppy Foods

You can avoid puppy food disasters. Because pet food manufacturers are all about the profit, it is more common than you would think to take shortcuts with puppy food ingredients. The only real way to insure your puppy gets the best meal ever, bowl after bowl, is to make homemade puppy food. But that's another topic, and one that you can get more information about here.

Basically avoid any dog food that lists corn, or any grain by-products as the first few ingredients.

Some examples are:

Just to name a few of puppy food brands to avoid. Some have had recurring recalls leading to serious illness and death, others simply skip the quality and pack in nonsense filler such as chicken meal -- which is any part of the chicken that cannot be sourced for other uses (think feathers).

I can share the worst puppy food list of the worst puppy foods that not only gave me doggie gas, but were lacking the proper nutrients so I could grow into a healthy dog someday. The word a the dog park is my puppy pals seem to really go for Merrick puppy food. It's a bit more expensive and harder to find I hear, since this puppy food manufacturer has made an exclusive deal with a big box pet store.

So we tried it. It tasted OK, nothing to bark about. You should know that just because it costs more, doesn't mean its great. Remember, this is the worst puppy food list, not just average kibble (which Merrick really is - it just costs more that the typical average dry puppy food).

Purina Puppy Chow Made The Top Of Our Worst Puppy Food List

Purina Puppy Chow made the top of this worst puppy food list. Although its the number one selling dry puppy food - its the advertising that brings in the sales, not the quality by far.

You will find that is is mostly made of of corn, more corn and mystery meat, continuing with other poor quality and filler ingredients that are best to avoid.

Advice? Put the Puppy Chow back on the shelf, and move on. For us pups, this is on the worst puppy food list you could even think of buying.

Ingredients To Stay Away From For The Health Of Your Puppy

If the first ingredients as listed puppy food bag read something like this, don't buy it...

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